Welcome to Virginia Law Enforcement Patches!

I am a Senior Special Agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a collector of law enforcement patches.  The main focus of my collection is all patches from Virginia law enforcement agencies and motor carrier enforcement from any state, but I also focus on other areas which are listed below.  I am always on the lookout for ones that I don't already have!

Please take some time to browse this website, which displays my personal collection and take a look at my ever-changing gallery of patches up for trade.

I can be reached via email at bjjohnson@radford.edu

I collect law enforcement patches from the following categories:

  • Virginia Law Enforcement
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement (or similar agencies)
  • Alcoholic Beverage / Tobacco Enforcement
  • Revenue / Excise / Tax Enforcement
  • State Corporation Commission / Public Utilities Commission Enforcement
  • Motor Vehicle / Transportation Enforcement (Department of Transportation, etc.)
  • Motor Carrier / Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Conservation / Park / Wildlife Enforcement
  • Marine Law Enforcement (NOAA, Marine Patrol, etc.)
  • Smaller / Unique Federal Law Enforcement Agencies